Qualified Auto Leads

NEW! Live Lead Verification Program

Are you tired of calling potential leads and finding the info to be:

  • “wrong number”
  • “never applied”
  • “filled out a long time ago”

We have customers in your area that are interested in purchasing a vehicle but have less than perfect credit.

Our Exclusive filtered leads:

  • $2000 Monthly income
  • Geo-targeted territory by mileage, county…
  • Your leads are exclusive (first position) and NEVER resold
  • All leads have full credit applications - customers have completed application and asked to have their credit pulled

  • 3-day Cancellation Period
  • No minimum lead volume
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURE: LIVE HOT CALL TRANSFER: As we are verifying, we'll transfer that Verified Applicant to a dedicated telephone line in your store.

With our exclusive LIVE LEAD VERIFICATION PROGRAM, we call to confirm interest and correct contact information in the first 36hrs before you get the application and lead information. No additional charge to you.

Ready to launch a campaign?

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