Direct Mail Marketing

Turn your message into revenue through Direct Mail is always a great way to turn your message into revenue.

PAS Campaigns

What type of campaign are you looking for?

  • Database Mail - Create personalized and targeted pieces with your loyal customers
  • Saturation Mail - Maximize reach while saving on cost in the target area of your market
  • Service Mail - Build brand loyalty and deliver consumers directly to your service department
  • Special Finance Mail - Access compliant Equifax, Transunion and Experian credit data for Prime/Subprime leads

Why Choose PAS for your Direct Mail

We strive to deliver the most cost-effective direct-mail solution to meet all our clients' needs. PAS understands how to use direct-mail marketing when driving customers to the showroom while remembering we are all in business to make money. At PAS we are only as good as our last campaign so with no contracts on direct-mail campaigns, we encourage you to give us a try.

To achieve the desired response, an effective direct marketing campaign depends on the success of the following variables:

  • List: We access industry-leading targeted lists to capture your best market, which can yield up to six times the response than an average list.
  • Offer: An enticing offer can drive up to three times the consumers to your business compared to an average offer. Let us help you craft a creative and attention-grabbing campaign
  • Timing: Effective timing is everything and we can help! Double the response rate for your offer by reaching the consumers at the right time.
  • Ease of response: Nowadays, consumers seek convenience. By offering multiple ways for them to reach your business through your offer, they can have their questions answered and reach a purchasing decision quickly. Quicker conversions mean more business for you!
  • Media Employment: Your target consumers may respond differently to various channels of communication. Let us help you decide which medium/media is the right one for you to deliver a highly effective message.

Ready to launch a campaign?

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